Thanks to the generous support of the following companies

Ahrex is a danish hook company, specialized on building the worlds sharpest and most durable hooks. Their hooks are designed by several Scandinavian flytiers and with their innovative technologies, they are our first choice on the vise.

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With the brand new fly shop Isarfliegen, Kristof and Lukas started their own brand for quality and fishy flies, tippets, leaders and much more! 

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With many hours since their childhood on the water, they know which flies will help you in tricky waters and situations, or if you just need some supply for the coming season.

Schmela Angelshop is a Bavarian based fishing shop which provides high quality flyfishing tackle. He shares our passion for the outdoors and wants to support the next generation of fly fishers.

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Do you want to support a young group of flyfishing maniacs?
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