Video · 21. März 2018
Few people know anything the way David Mangum knows tarpon fishing. His hunger to better understand these primordial monster borders on obsession. It also makes him one of the best fishing guides in the world. This short film makes you wanna fish...NOW! One of my all-time favorites by Travis Rummel, Ben Knight and George Knowles. Enjoy!
Video · 20. Februar 2018
Just stop by, for that one trout in a stunning atmosphere, just to help you through that tough time until the season starts again! One trout is all you need! If that one trout shouldn't be enough, just watch the Trout Heaven series by Carpe Diem Tight Lines Lukas
Video · 10. Februar 2018
Finally, the third out of five episodes of a day with a dude is online! In this episode we follow our head of content, Kristof, alongside a day of fly fishing for the hucho on his home water, the Isar river in Munich. He's our man for all the photos and videos, but this time, he finds himself in front of a camera. If you‘ve enjoyed this video, please leave a like and share it with your friends, who might also be struggling with that one big hucho...! :-)
Video · 28. Januar 2018
Oh. My. God. What a great intro, the best i have seen by now! The rest of the video is badass pike fishing with streamers, makes me want to tie purple and blue streamers with a lot of flash! Seems to work there. If you have also missed part one, just click here! Find the great take in that one. Just relax and get in the mood of pike fly fishing, starting after their spawning time. TL Lukas
Video · 07. Januar 2018
Watch what happens when a Giant Trevally versus an Tern in this amazing fish eats bird clip from Blue Planet II. Usually Giant trevally are solitary hunters but they have come in numbers to try their luck at catching potential prey. Fledgling Tern are wary to spend too much time on the water but even flying close to the surface puts them in grave danger. (BBC Earth) Not only as a flyfishermen, this is some ridiculous footage! I'm gonna try something out at the flytying vise now... Or maybe just...
Video · 18. Dezember 2017
Über Daniel Göz brauchen wir nicht viel erzählen, sein Film Tâpam ist bis heute einer der beliebtesten Filme auf Vimeo, genauer gesagt der Trailer. Zusammen mit seinem besten fishing buddy Anton Hamacher und in Kooperation mit dem Frankfurter Händler "Angel Bär" veranstaltete er vor wenigen Wochen das "Down The Hatch" Film Festival in Frankfurt, ein Grund für mich, den dreien einen Besuch abzustatten.
Video · 07. Dezember 2017
My brother Lukas and I were invited by Orvis to fish the famous river Test and Itchen in the UK. We've travelled back in fly fishing, to the place where fly fishing has parts of it's origin. You get kind of a different feeling when fishing, thinking about the people that sat on that exact same spot many years ago, discussing about dry fly patterns and laughing about nymph fishing. Enjoy!
Video · 23. November 2017
It does not happen often that we get a chance of fishing this beautiful stream in Bavaria, but when we do, we enjoy our time there to the fullest! Here's a short recap from a day of fishing and filming. Enjoy!
Video · 20. November 2017
Next weekend, I'm gonna visit my brother Lukas in London. We have the chance to fish some beautiful and famous rivers that weekend and we'll surely let you know how it all went. This fantastic video could give you a little hint... Tight lines Kristof From the producer: Big pike don't feed everyday... they can go weeks between meals if conditions aren't right. To catch a big pike you have to be in the right place at the right time. To catch a big pike consistently you have to be in the right...
Video · 12. November 2017
This video allows you some insight in flyfishing for tigerfish and some real cool phenomenon in the okawango delta in Botswana. No more words, just watch it! TL Lukas aka Church

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