Travel · 04. April 2018
Alto Adige - Tal der Etsch. Ein Paradis, gerade einmal 3,5 Stunden entfernt von München, befindet sich praktisch direkt hinter dem Brenner. Ich war eingeladen, über Ostern dort einige Tage bei einem Freund zu verbringen und mit ihm ein Paar seiner Hausgewässer zu befischen, und wer sagt dazu nein... Ich nahm Maxi mit auf einen Wochenend-Trip in die Nähe von Bozen, die der Südtiroler Rutenbauer Manfred Meraner seine Heimat nennen kann. Er kennt die Gewässer wie seine Westentasche, war...
Travel · 12. März 2018
Danica Dudes Flyfishing Blog, Munich, Germany. Fliegenfischen, Fliegenwerfen, Flytying und Fliegenbinden
Minus 17 degrees celsius in Munich...Are you kidding me I thought?! But I was glad, having booked my flight to perfectly tempered Florida already, visiting my good friend and guide Michael Mauri.
Travel · 29. November 2017
danica dudes flyfishing blog
My brother Lukas is currently working at a brewery in England, close to London. I wanted to visit him for a while now, but I wanted to fish, too, so I asked around and finally stumbled over Thies and Manfred, who are working for the Orvis company in Germany. They helped me get in touch with Richard, who is living in England and is managing the European Orvis market. We've met once already but that was kind of it.
Travel · 31. August 2017
We're back from Italy! It was a mixed trip, beautiful landscape but the fishing was...let's say challenging. Here are 5 tips, that will your trip more enjoyable.
Travel · 16. August 2017
The Engadin valley in Switzerland - Danica Dudes fly fishing blog. Fishing the Inn river and mountain lakes for brown trout and grayling
Travel · 24. Mai 2017
When it comes to fishing, I love to explore new rivers, lakes, streams or smaller ponds to fish for all kinds of fish. This includes traveling to all the different countries around the globe and get to know many guys who think the same as I do. And at least from my experience, flyfishers always want to help other flyguys, especially when they are in a different type of water than their home stretch.