Fly Tying

Fly Tying · 03. Januar 2018
When I'm not flyfishing for the hucho, I use the calm winter days to fill up my fly boxes. With this fly in particular. I found this fly, hanging in a branch at the Rena river in Norway, it was around a size 14 and I immediately tied it onto my leader. The fluffy CDC fibers give the fly a pretty good visibility for the angler. I landed several large grayling that afternoon and list a strong brown trout in the night who was sipping this fly in directly unter the river bank. Apart from the Rena...
Fly Tying · 07. Dezember 2017
A little slideshow of an articulated buford/747 variation that really has some fantastic movement!
Fly Tying · 17. Oktober 2017
Who let the hooks out? Ahrex freshwater series
Fly Tying · 22. Juni 2017
Fly Tying a streamer for pike fishing - Danica Dudes flyfishing blog
I´ve been doing some research about tying techniques for musky patterns and how I can use them for my pike flies. I fell in love with a deerhair head style, called Buford.
Fly Tying · 16. April 2017
Hey ladies and gents, this is the second baby of my attempt at getting a little bit of musky flavour into my pikeflies. It´s a fairly easy and quick tie, so you don´t have to waist all of your freetime at the vise in order to create a handful of flies. I´d say its a variation of Brad Bohen´s Buford.
Fly Tying · 14. April 2017
I´m getting more and more into the tying world of musky streamers lately. I do not know why, but somehow most of the streamers used for musky differ quite a lot from those used for pike, especially in Europe. This year I started doing some research on the different techniques and materials the good folks in the US use for their flies. In my opinion, the first real difference is that most of the musky patterns are still tied using only natural ingredients, or at least to a big part (for example...
Fly Tying · 09. April 2017
In this fly tying tutorial, we concentrate on a nymph, that is very successful all over the year. This golden orange color is a winner in my home water, the Isar river and the CDC ("cul de canard") hackle provides movement underwater.
Fly Tying · 26. März 2017
The ugliest flies are the ones that catch most fish. I would't say that the Woolly or Wooly Bugger is ugly but there are prettier flies our there. This fly, nevertheless, is a must have in every anglers box. It is simple to tie, makes a lot of action once wet and is one of the most of the most popular streamers out there. Many people therefore have this fly in mind when someone talks about streamer fishing.