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Tipps & Tricks · 24. Juli 2017
Danica Dudes fly fishing blog - Low budget fishing trips
Tips & Tricks for low budget fly fishing trips - Danica Dudes Fly Fishing blog Fliegenfischen Tipps und Tricks
12. November 2016
exploring a norway river in search of trout grayling char on flyrod flyfishing
What is the best thing about a fly fishing trip? New rivers? New species? New countries?
07. November 2016
Never heard of the Ahrex flyhook company? Well…me neither, cause they are relatively new on the market. Until now.
29. September 2015
A brown trout, caught while fly fishing a secret river in Norway. Danica Dudes Fliegenfischen, Angeln
The next stop of our trip was the river -censored- near Alvdal. And boy, that river was nice! It seemed to change every 200 m or so, from fast wild water to slow, deep pools. The water was absolutley clear which provided some fantastic sight fishing opportunities. The fishing was very different to what we were used from Rena. Finding fish that were steady rising was very hard since we had hardly any good hatches, due to the sunny weather throughout the whole week Nevertheless we managed it to...