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Video · 10. April 2019
Habt ihr schonmal Hechte laichen gesehen? Matthias Meyer gelangen diese Aufnahmen bei der Laichzeit vor wenigen Wochen.
Fischen · 06. Februar 2018
Das Hechtfischen im Februar, kurz vor Beginn der Schonzeit, kann sehr erfolgreich sein.
Video · 28. Januar 2018
Oh. My. God. What a great intro, the best i have seen by now! The rest of the video is badass pike fishing with streamers, makes me want to tie purple and blue streamers with a lot of flash! Seems to work there. If you have also missed part one, just click here! Find the great take in that one. Just relax and get in the mood of pike fly fishing, starting after their spawning time. TL Lukas
Video · 20. November 2017
Next weekend, I'm gonna visit my brother Lukas in London. We have the chance to fish some beautiful and famous rivers that weekend and we'll surely let you know how it all went. This fantastic video could give you a little hint... Tight lines Kristof From the producer: Big pike don't feed everyday... they can go weeks between meals if conditions aren't right. To catch a big pike you have to be in the right place at the right time. To catch a big pike consistently you have to be in the right...
Video · 19. Oktober 2017
Just after returning from the Trentino in Italy, Lukas, Church, Maxi and Kris met at the Regen river in Bavaria, an eldorado for pike fishing with the fly. It was one of the hottest days that summer so we didn't expect much...little did we know...! Enjoy!
Video · 07. Juni 2017
With this video we start a new a new series called "A day with a dude", portraying each of us Danica Dudes.
Fly Tying · 14. April 2017
I´m getting more and more into the tying world of musky streamers lately. I do not know why, but somehow most of the streamers used for musky differ quite a lot from those used for pike, especially in Europe. This year I started doing some research on the different techniques and materials the good folks in the US use for their flies. In my opinion, the first real difference is that most of the musky patterns are still tied using only natural ingredients, or at least to a big part (for example...
10. Januar 2017
Pike fishing in winter with tube flies on a flyrod
Two days ago I managed to sneak out and do some pikefishing - simply needed a short break from all the exam stress. I was afraid that the river could be frozen, but it turned out to be perfectly fishable. I didn't catch a single fish, but had some real quality time outdoors.
14. Dezember 2016
flyfishing for pike with streamers on sinking or intermediate line winter gjedde the tug is the drug
Nearly two weeks ago, three of the dudes met in order to chase pike.
04. Oktober 2016
flyfishing for pike in Norway at the Rena river
It was on our second day at the Rena river when we decided to quit trout fishing because of heavy wind and no surface activity in order to chase pike instead. We changed the five weights to nines and tens and headed to a place we knew from the year before.

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