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Video · 20. Mai 2017
Kristof was invited to guide Victor from the "Ich geh angeln" YouTube channel at the Isar river. It all happened in the last minute!
13. Dezember 2016
During my internship in Switzerland I sometimes find the opportunity to drive home and fish my beloved home water again.
21. November 2016
the don flyfishing for grayling hard fight dry fly stream fliegenfischen
My first years of fishing I spend on little ponds with a normal fishing rod, catching stocked trouts and carps. Some years later I read one of the "flyfishing for beginners" articles in a normal fishing magazine. I was directly interested in this "unknown" fishing technique and started watching videos about it.
13. Juni 2016
floods Isar river Munich heavy rain fishing impossible
The heavy rain nearly everywhere in the country caused some of the highest floods in recent years.
18. April 2016
Finally…really! The time between January 31st and the 16th of April is always a plague.
23. November 2015
A weir in Oberföhring, Munich, Germany. Danica Dudes flyfishing and fliegenfischen, München
"Hey, what can one catch here?" "Hey, have you caught anything yet?" "Hey, do I need a license to fish here?" ...are the questions, we are mostly confronted with, when fishing here in Munich. I'm not sure if it's a blessing or not, to be able to fish directly in the city, because this has two sides. On the one hand, we anglers should teach the ones who don't know anything about how fishing works. "Yes, of course you need a license and then have to join a club and get the permit for the water...