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Video · 10. Februar 2018
Finally, the third out of five episodes of a day with a dude is online! In this episode we follow our head of content, Kristof, alongside a day of fly fishing for the hucho on his home water, the Isar river in Munich. He's our man for all the photos and videos, but this time, he finds himself in front of a camera. If you‘ve enjoyed this video, please leave a like and share it with your friends, who might also be struggling with that one big hucho...! :-)
Article · 25. Dezember 2017
Danica Dudes Flyfishing Blog - Bayern, Germany, Munich, München, Deutschland Fliegenfischen
Wir sind Huchenfischen an unserem Heimatgewässer, der Isar. Nach ein paar erfolglosen Wehren und keinem einzigen Fischkontakt, nicht einmal der ein oder anderen folgenden Forelle auf unsere Streamer, sind wir auf dem Weg zu unserer letzten Stelle des Tages. Das Licht wird jetzt, in den letzten Tagen des Jahres sehr schnell weniger, also ging es noch schnell zum Oberföhringer Wehr, einem Eldorado für den Huchen.
Article · 02. Juni 2017
Gestern war im Bayerischen Rundfunk ein Beitrag über die Jugendgruppe des Münchener Fischereivereins "Die Isarfischer e.V." zu hören, in dem es um das Thema Angeln ging.
Video · 20. Mai 2017
Kristof was invited to guide Victor from the "Ich geh angeln" YouTube channel at the Isar river. It all happened in the last minute!
31. Januar 2017
Our dude Maxi flyfishing for the hucho in the Isar river in Munich | Maxi an der Isar in München beim Fliegenfischen auf Huchen
"I've seen a big one right above that third weir down the bridge. You better walk on the gravel bank from the right side, otherwise you could spook them. But it really doesn't matter because there are many huchos in that area."
21. November 2016
the don flyfishing for grayling hard fight dry fly stream fliegenfischen
My first years of fishing I spend on little ponds with a normal fishing rod, catching stocked trouts and carps. Some years later I read one of the "flyfishing for beginners" articles in a normal fishing magazine. I was directly interested in this "unknown" fishing technique and started watching videos about it.
13. Juni 2016
floods Isar river Munich heavy rain fishing impossible
The heavy rain nearly everywhere in the country caused some of the highest floods in recent years.
18. April 2016
Finally…really! The time between January 31st and the 16th of April is always a plague.
04. April 2016
White throated dipper in Isar River Munich clear water
I think there’s no flyfisher man or women in the world who walks blindly over a bridge, not observing the river that flows beneath. „Fish, fish, fish! Where are the fish?!“ is a pretty normal description of whats normally going on. But a river doesn't only hold fish…it is a huge ecosystem for every species that needs water either to survive or to drink, well thats probably the same but I hope you get the point. Any species that somehow needs water thanks god for this river. So of course...
30. November 2015
Winter flyfishing at the Isar river, Munich. Danica Dudes fliegenfischen, angeln
Frozen guides, numb fingers and the end of the dryfly-season are the troubles winter brings to us flyfishermen. But nevertheless, we jump in our waders and throw streamers, that are way to heavy in the deepest pools of the river. When the trout season comes to an end, it is the "Hucho" (or Danubian Salmon) we want to catch. And that's anything but easy, believe me... The population of the Hucho in the Isar river is actually pretty good, that's why you see a lot of snowman standing in the river...

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