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10. Januar 2017
Pike fishing in winter with tube flies on a flyrod
Two days ago I managed to sneak out and do some pikefishing - simply needed a short break from all the exam stress. I was afraid that the river could be frozen, but it turned out to be perfectly fishable. I didn't catch a single fish, but had some real quality time outdoors.
14. Dezember 2016
flyfishing for pike with streamers on sinking or intermediate line winter gjedde the tug is the drug
Nearly two weeks ago, three of the dudes met in order to chase pike.
29. Februar 2016
I don´t know exactly when, but it must have been sometime around christmas when Lukas R. came up with the idea...what about a trip to Rügen, he asked. Sounds great, but when? When the answer was end of February, several thoughts were crossing my mind. First one: it´ll be cold. Second one: it´ll be really cold. Third one: it´ll be windy. Forth one: there could be a slight chance of catching the biggest pike of my life. The last one convinced me. I´m a man of simple needs - if there was a...