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Browse by Categories · 02. April 2017
It’s Sunday evening and we’re tired yet super happy. The weather could not have been better for all the visitors, flycasters and exhibitors at the „Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen 2017“, Europe’s biggest flyfishing fair.
21. Dezember 2016
Those of you, who are fishing for the queen of fish namely the alpine lake trout, know what it takes to catch one. With the trout season closed in Bavaria, flyfishing fanatics are in search of somewhere to escape...
13. Dezember 2016
During my internship in Switzerland I sometimes find the opportunity to drive home and fish my beloved home water again.
08. Dezember 2016
When it comes right down to the question which kind of fishing I liked the most during our trip to Norway, I will answer one thing without hesitation: the salt. Quite a lot of fishing fanatics see the Norwegian coast as some kind of fishing Mekka. Every year thousands of fishermen enjoy the great scenery whilst pulling up big cod, coalfish or halibut from the deep towards their boat, using heavy spin- and baitfishing gear.
12. November 2016
exploring a norway river in search of trout grayling char on flyrod flyfishing
What is the best thing about a fly fishing trip? New rivers? New species? New countries?
07. November 2016
Never heard of the Ahrex flyhook company? Well…me neither, cause they are relatively new on the market. Until now.
22. Februar 2016
Every year, "Flyfish Europe" from Norway releases a magazine, which includes their complete product range. Scott flyrods, Waterworks-Lamson reels, Simms clothing and Scientific Anglers flylines, just to name a few. It is THE magazine in the word of flyfishing, as it also contains flyfishing stories from around the world and behind the scenes articles. It was clear to me and my goal, that we had to come up with an article over last years 5-week-roadtrip through Norway, which we then would send...