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Must-Haves · 05. Januar 2018
Schnurclip, Zange oder ein Amadou, für beinahe alles lässt sich eine Ausziehrolle benutzen. Oft sind diese aber so schlecht verarbeitet, dass die Schnur binnen kürzester Zeit aufreibt und reißt. Seit einigen Jahren benutze ich die Flex Pin-on Reel Ausziehrolle von C&F Design bereits und, ja, es ist ist immer noch dieselbe! Das hier ist keine bezahlte Werbung, das ist meine persönliche Meinung. Was mich an vielen Ausziehrollen stört ist die Befestigung in Form einer Stecknadel, die in...
31. Januar 2017
Our dude Maxi flyfishing for the hucho in the Isar river in Munich | Maxi an der Isar in München beim Fliegenfischen auf Huchen
"I've seen a big one right above that third weir down the bridge. You better walk on the gravel bank from the right side, otherwise you could spook them. But it really doesn't matter because there are many huchos in that area."
27. Januar 2017
pretty natural river through forest with fish and flyfishing nymph or streamer
I know it´s been a while since the last post, and I´m sorry about it. The thing is - we are all stuck in our exams again at the moment, and therefore have hardly any freetime left for posting pictures and stuff. At least I think that we are probably even more sorry for this fact than you are, but that´s how life as a student can be at times...
21. Dezember 2016
Those of you, who are fishing for the queen of fish namely the alpine lake trout, know what it takes to catch one. With the trout season closed in Bavaria, flyfishing fanatics are in search of somewhere to escape...
14. Dezember 2016
flyfishing for pike with streamers on sinking or intermediate line winter gjedde the tug is the drug
Nearly two weeks ago, three of the dudes met in order to chase pike.
08. Dezember 2016
When it comes right down to the question which kind of fishing I liked the most during our trip to Norway, I will answer one thing without hesitation: the salt. Quite a lot of fishing fanatics see the Norwegian coast as some kind of fishing Mekka. Every year thousands of fishermen enjoy the great scenery whilst pulling up big cod, coalfish or halibut from the deep towards their boat, using heavy spin- and baitfishing gear.
21. November 2016
the don flyfishing for grayling hard fight dry fly stream fliegenfischen
My first years of fishing I spend on little ponds with a normal fishing rod, catching stocked trouts and carps. Some years later I read one of the "flyfishing for beginners" articles in a normal fishing magazine. I was directly interested in this "unknown" fishing technique and started watching videos about it.
08. Juni 2016
This is probably the clearest river one can find in and around Munich and has it 365 days a year.
04. Mai 2016
Frank is a fish, we've known for quite a long time now, as he has a scar around his head, probably because of a fishing line that was tangled around him.