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Review · 01. Oktober 2017
A brief review of the C&F FSS-2 fly box. The All In One solution for your fly storing system! Danica Dudes fly fishing blog.
Review · 21. September 2017
Nymphenfischen - Geheimnisse entlarvt, danica dudes fly fishing blog, fliegenfischen in München, Bayern (Deutschland)
Vor einigen Wochen erhielt ich das erst dieses Jahr erschienene Buch „Nymphenfischen - Geheimnisse entlarvt“. Kurz danach stand eine Reise in die Toskana an, eine super Gelegenheit also, die neue Literatur zu durchstöbern.
Fly Tying · 22. Juni 2017
Fly Tying a streamer for pike fishing - Danica Dudes flyfishing blog
I´ve been doing some research about tying techniques for musky patterns and how I can use them for my pike flies. I fell in love with a deerhair head style, called Buford.
22. Februar 2016
Every year, "Flyfish Europe" from Norway releases a magazine, which includes their complete product range. Scott flyrods, Waterworks-Lamson reels, Simms clothing and Scientific Anglers flylines, just to name a few. It is THE magazine in the word of flyfishing, as it also contains flyfishing stories from around the world and behind the scenes articles. It was clear to me and my goal, that we had to come up with an article over last years 5-week-roadtrip through Norway, which we then would send...