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Review · 19. Januar 2018
We knew that the day would come, and today, Ahrex gave green light: The new Freshwater hooks are now in stock and ready to ship to you. Including several different models, the series completes a line up, Ahrex can be very proud of.
Fly Tying · 17. Oktober 2017
Who let the hooks out? Ahrex freshwater series
Review · 13. Juli 2017
Review of the Ahrex HR430 Tube Single hook. Danica Dudes flyfishing blog. Fliegenfischen in München, Bayern, Deutschland auf Forelle Hecht und Huchen. Angeln mit der Fliegenrute.
Fly Tying · 22. Juni 2017
Fly Tying a streamer for pike fishing - Danica Dudes flyfishing blog
I´ve been doing some research about tying techniques for musky patterns and how I can use them for my pike flies. I fell in love with a deerhair head style, called Buford.
Fly Tying · 09. April 2017
In this fly tying tutorial, we concentrate on a nymph, that is very successful all over the year. This golden orange color is a winner in my home water, the Isar river and the CDC ("cul de canard") hackle provides movement underwater.
08. Dezember 2016
When it comes right down to the question which kind of fishing I liked the most during our trip to Norway, I will answer one thing without hesitation: the salt. Quite a lot of fishing fanatics see the Norwegian coast as some kind of fishing Mekka. Every year thousands of fishermen enjoy the great scenery whilst pulling up big cod, coalfish or halibut from the deep towards their boat, using heavy spin- and baitfishing gear.
12. November 2016
exploring a norway river in search of trout grayling char on flyrod flyfishing
What is the best thing about a fly fishing trip? New rivers? New species? New countries?
07. November 2016
Never heard of the Ahrex flyhook company? Well…me neither, cause they are relatively new on the market. Until now.