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Review · 29. Juni 2017
A comprehensive Review of the Simms Dry Creek Rolltop Backpack - Danica Dudes flyfishing blog
07. November 2016
Never heard of the Ahrex flyhook company? Well…me neither, cause they are relatively new on the market. Until now.
30. April 2016
Simms Foam Fly Box for Nymph and Dry Fly Trout and Grayling Flyfishing
Last season, SIMMS brought out a dual-slot flybox that, to my mind, was super clever. A few weeks ago I bought myself one of them to try it out and share my thoughts about it with you. It is available in two colors, „boulder“ and „Simms-orange“. The orange is not that intense like on their Kinetic jacket, that I own and adore. Size is 15 x 10 cm. The box is thick enough to store even your biggest dries, but not much thicker like other boxes like C&F for example.