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27. Januar 2017
pretty natural river through forest with fish and flyfishing nymph or streamer
I know it´s been a while since the last post, and I´m sorry about it. The thing is - we are all stuck in our exams again at the moment, and therefore have hardly any freetime left for posting pictures and stuff. At least I think that we are probably even more sorry for this fact than you are, but that´s how life as a student can be at times...
12. November 2016
exploring a norway river in search of trout grayling char on flyrod flyfishing
What is the best thing about a fly fishing trip? New rivers? New species? New countries?
01. Februar 2016
Now, the fishing season is finally closed till the mid of April so we can't write about fishing this time.. It was a quite normal day this November. We wandered around the banks at the river, searching for some rising fish, slurping some small, hatching Danicas from the surface. We fished a bit and saw something white in the water. Normally the ground is quite dark so it was quite easy to see it, but we didn't know what kind of thing was lying under 2 meters of water. So we went home, grabbed a...
21. September 2015
The Isar river in Munich, Germany. Danica Dudes Flyfishing, Fliegenfischen, Angeln, Natur
Which river in Germany isn't restored? In the states, artificial dams like the Elwha Dam in Washington already get destroyed to let fish like Salmon and Steelhead continue there spawning run. Many dams are or were used to generate hydroelectric power but totally destroy the aquatic ecosystem of the river. Current velocity, oxygen content and many other factors get changed completely and fish like trout, (danubian) salmon, steelhead and many more aren't able to live there because of poor...