Artikel mit dem Tag "Isarfischer"

Article · 13. Juni 2017
Today in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, you can read an German article about our dude Lukas, talking about the Isar river and the work of Munich's fishing club "Die Isarfischer e. V." regarding restoration and fishery management.
Article · 02. Juni 2017
Gestern war im Bayerischen Rundfunk ein Beitrag über die Jugendgruppe des Münchener Fischereivereins "Die Isarfischer e.V." zu hören, in dem es um das Thema Angeln ging.
Video · 16. März 2017
Exactly one month separates us from the trout season here in Munich and we ask ourselves if Frank will still be in his good old spot by the sunken tree...
31. Januar 2017
Our dude Maxi flyfishing for the hucho in the Isar river in Munich | Maxi an der Isar in München beim Fliegenfischen auf Huchen
"I've seen a big one right above that third weir down the bridge. You better walk on the gravel bank from the right side, otherwise you could spook them. But it really doesn't matter because there are many huchos in that area."
21. November 2016
the don flyfishing for grayling hard fight dry fly stream fliegenfischen
My first years of fishing I spend on little ponds with a normal fishing rod, catching stocked trouts and carps. Some years later I read one of the "flyfishing for beginners" articles in a normal fishing magazine. I was directly interested in this "unknown" fishing technique and started watching videos about it.