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Review · 29. Juni 2017
A comprehensive Review of the Simms Dry Creek Rolltop Backpack - Danica Dudes flyfishing blog
Video · 29. Juni 2017
video on the danica dudes flyfishing fliegenfischen blog
"Wie funktioniert ein natürlicher Fluss? Das wissen selbst Wissenschaftler bislang gar nicht so genau. Trotzdem werden Wasserkraftwerke in Flüsse gebaut, die das Ökosystem stark verändern. Was ist wichtiger: Klimaschutz oder Naturschutz?" - Bayerisches Fernsehen
Fly Tying · 22. Juni 2017
Fly Tying a streamer for pike fishing - Danica Dudes flyfishing blog
I´ve been doing some research about tying techniques for musky patterns and how I can use them for my pike flies. I fell in love with a deerhair head style, called Buford.
Video · 19. Juni 2017
My favorite episode of the Scientific Anglers/Fly Fusion Series, Episode 5: Solitude. Great work guys and excellent, remote water you fish there! Keep it up!
Article · 13. Juni 2017
Today in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, you can read an German article about our dude Lukas, talking about the Isar river and the work of Munich's fishing club "Die Isarfischer e. V." regarding restoration and fishery management.
Video · 07. Juni 2017
With this video we start a new a new series called "A day with a dude", portraying each of us Danica Dudes.