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30. Mai 2016
big brown trout on mayfly imitation on flyrod while flyfishing lamson
This year, I got to fish a couple of new waters; I entered a new fishing club in order to meet new people and to get to fish some new rivers. Now I have to possibility to wet my line in two wonderful streams and several ponds and lakes (in which I am not very interested).
23. Mai 2016
Traun River near Siegsdorf Rudi huger flyfishing for Trout grayling
Together with a good friend, we fished the "Tiroler Ache" and the "Traun" rivers all weekend long.
16. Mai 2016
loose the gravel to create spacing grounds for trout grayling danube salmon
One can't start early enough in teaching the youth about conservation and nature in general. Our youth group operates a small stream in Munich and two days ago we restored the river at some places.
13. Mai 2016
Scientific Anglers Frequency Full Sink Fly Line type 4 Wf 5
When SA released their lower priced Frequency series, I wasn't sure for which group of fisherman it should be.
04. Mai 2016
Frank is a fish, we've known for quite a long time now, as he has a scar around his head, probably because of a fishing line that was tangled around him.