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Fly Tying · 26. März 2017
The ugliest flies are the ones that catch most fish. I would't say that the Woolly or Wooly Bugger is ugly but there are prettier flies our there. This fly, nevertheless, is a must have in every anglers box. It is simple to tie, makes a lot of action once wet and is one of the most of the most popular streamers out there. Many people therefore have this fly in mind when someone talks about streamer fishing.
Video · 22. März 2017
The RISE flyfishing film festival is already weeks behind and, as promised, the producers of "Mörrum" shared their contribution with the world. A great gesture in my opinion, as they successfully made it into the European cinemas of the RISE tour already. We're looking to a new movie, maybe next year? Tight lines! Kristof
10. März 2017
We thought it's time to refresh that old design and came out with this. Small design changes will be made in the next weeks and of course we're always thankful for your feedback. We want people to go fishing and to spread those flyfishing vibes that it's all about. We've reached our goal when your website visit lightens up a thing or two. Tell us what you wish from us for 2017 concerning content and we work on making it possible. Several events are coming this year that we'd like to invite you...
02. März 2017
It's time to get into the mood of fishing again. For that, the Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival is hosted in most of the big cities in Germany, as well as in Austria, Switzerland and other places around the world.