Artikel mit dem Tag "04/17"

Video · 27. April 2017
A new flyfishing video from the BlackFlyEyes crew!
Video · 19. April 2017
In this video short, YETI and Felt Soul Media made a nice portrait of David Mangum, a tarpon obsessed fishing guide. It turned out to be one of the best clips we have seen lately - stunning videography, cool shots, great entertainment! YETI´s comment: "Few people know anything the way David Mangum knows tarpon fishing. His hunger to better understand these primordial monster borders on obsession. It also makes him one of the best fishing guides in the world. Follow David as he scouts the flats...
Video · 18. April 2017
Here is a new cool little video from the German filmmaking trio "Brothers on the Fly". It shows some fantastic scenery and some beautiful fish in Trentino, a region located in North Italy. This place is definitely on our bucket list! Well done! Enjoy and Tight Lines Lukas aka Church
Fly Tying · 16. April 2017
Hey ladies and gents, this is the second baby of my attempt at getting a little bit of musky flavour into my pikeflies. It´s a fairly easy and quick tie, so you don´t have to waist all of your freetime at the vise in order to create a handful of flies. I´d say its a variation of Brad Bohen´s Buford.
Fly Tying · 09. April 2017
In this fly tying tutorial, we concentrate on a nymph, that is very successful all over the year. This golden orange color is a winner in my home water, the Isar river and the CDC ("cul de canard") hackle provides movement underwater.