Video - Smells Like Pike Spirit

Just after returning from the Trentino in Italy, Lukas, Church, Maxi and Kris met at the Regen river in Bavaria, an eldorado for pike fishing with the fly. It was one of the hottest days that summer so we didn't expect much...little did we know...!



Fly Tying - New Freshwater Hooks from Ahrex

Who let the hooks out?


Ahrex freshwater series

Ahrex have manifested themselves in the saltwater and predator hook sector. 

Now, the company added a new series to their line up - the freshwater series.


Including several different models, you, the Ahrex fly tier, can now add all sorts of dry flies, nymphs and wet flies to your flybox.


Today is the launch day for the whole freshwater series! 

Every series of dry fly, nymph, emerger, or other hook is available in the common sizes, even with a mini series from #18 to #22 as well as a barbless version of it!


If you haven't tried these exceptional hooks, get them when you can! 

Nothing better on the market. 


Tight Lines and happy tying!


Video - Findhorn (Eleanor McPhail)

A beautiful, still a bit funny film is the recently uploaded documentation about the Findhorn River in Scotland by Eleanor McPhail.

Beautiful drone shots and a very funny fishermen in Bavarian Lederhosen, who knows how to use them well ;-)

McPhail: "A family’s love for one Scottish river. Where memories are made and traditions upheld."

Review - The C&F All In One Fly Box

A brief review of the C&F FSS-2 fly box. Danica Dudes fly fishing blog.

For a long time now, I've only been using a small fly patch or a compartment box when going fishing. But the patch got too small and the box way too messy, so I decided to search for a new one system to story my flies.

This fly box (I will not call it by its precise name "FSS-2" because this seems awkward) made me stop scrolling on my laptop, as it said something like "flexibility in content design". YES, I thought, that's what I want! A two side flybox. One with compartments, the other how I like it to be.

C&F  also sells a larger fly patch, that works with the same insert system.

So todays review is about this exact fly box from C&F, the FSS-2.

You can buy it for 24,90 €, spare inserts cost 10,90 €. Not much in my opinion! 

I ordered nearly every insert there is, for small midges to large streamers. Seemed to me like a clever plan!


It has a very comfortable size. You can put it wherever you want, still able to carry dozens of flies with you. Enough for me at least...

The compartment side has a magnetic top, so your flies won't stop mixing around the box.


As expected, the built quality is superb and C&F thought of every fly fishers needs, adding little rings on the side of the flybox to attach the box to a lanyard for example.


A brief review of the C&F FSS-2 fly box. Danica Dudes fly fishing blog.

This review reflects only my first impressions of the fly box. I will fish it and tell you my opinion in a few weeks or months.

But I really like the concept of this fly box. Being able to easily re-arrange your fly box when visiting another river or fishing another setup is a big plus for this box.


The materials used are first grade and the inserts fit perfectly.

There also is a attachment for the nail knot tool in the middle of the box.


To put it all in a nutshell, I think I have found my new favorite fly box. 

Really nothing I would add to this flybox. Without a doubt, this could be also your solution for storing flies.


Tight lines