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My brother Lukas is currently working at a brewery in England, close to London. I wanted to visit him for a while now, but I wanted to fish, too, so I asked around and finally stumbled over Thies and Manfred, who are working for the Orvis company in Germany. They helped me get in touch with Richard, who is living in England and is managing the European Orvis market. We've met once already but that was kind of it.

The river Test is probably one of the most famous rivers in the world, it is where  very much of todays flyfishing has been invented.


Both the river Test and Itchen are picture book chalk streams, full of insects and big brown trout, grayling and pike. 

Lukas and I were very happy about receiving an email, telling us to come over for a weekend of fishing. So did we.


Of course it is late in the year, it was cold yet sunny, and not many insects were hatching.

Anyway, we experiences some world class fishery on spooky, tricky grayling and brown trout. 

The itchen river orris beat - danica dudes flyfishing blog

Around every corner, you feel how special that place really is. A classy fishing hut or bungalow, a bench in front of it, freshly brewed coffee as a morning ritual, smaller benches alongside the river, where you can only imagine, who has sit on. Not to forget, perfectly trimmed grass, that made waders unnecessary. Further a record book, where the season is well documented including stories from fishermen around the world who have experienced that same as we did. 


We cannot thank Orvis enough for this possibility. I have never thought about fishing the river Test and Itchen on a weekend, where I just wanted to say hi to my brother.

Thank you Richard for your hospitality and support, as we did not have to bring any flyfishing equipment with us (that would also have been difficult on the plane).


We're already looking forward to our next trip there, this time in summer.


Tight lines 


Video - Bavarian Backcountry Flyfishing


It does not happen often that we get a chance of fishing this beautiful stream in Bavaria, but when we do, we enjoy our time there to the fullest!

Here's a short recap from a day of fishing and filming.



Video - Killing Time (Matt Dunkinson)

Next weekend, I'm gonna visit my brother Lukas in London.

We have the chance to fish some beautiful and famous rivers that weekend and we'll surely let you know how it all went.

This fantastic video could give you a little hint...


Tight lines



From the producer:

Big pike don't feed everyday... they can go weeks between meals if conditions aren't right. To catch a big pike you have to be in the right place at the right time. To catch a big pike consistently you have to be in the right place at the right time, every time... Waving a rod and pulling a fly past a fish that isn't switched on will only prolong your wait. Sit on your hands, kill some time and present your first cast at "killing time". (John Hall)