year 2015

Taking Flycasting to the next level

When you are spending the weekend learning for the exams it's not unfamiliar to let the mind wander.

This simultaneously brought Lukas and me to the idea of flycasting outside.

So we grabbed the Scott Radian, that I always carry with me and some flylines, we wanted to try out. Most of them are gifts from older fishermen, and I'm always thankful for a new line I can try out. Some of them are really bad, like these never-used-25 dollar-own-brand-flylines but here and there are some that are good to cast. But in the end it's the Scientific Anglers VPT I love and cast most of the time, which I would recommend to anyone who wants the best dryfly line on the market at the moment. (this is not a paid product advertisement!)


Anyway, we went outside to the soccer field and after trying out a new line we had this stupid idea of taking flycasting to the next level, in the truest sense of the word! :-)

Well, it was actually a lot of fun, but easily could have ended badly, like breaking the rod or so... ;-)


Tight Lines,


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Bringing fly fishing into society

Last weekend, the Youth-group of our fishery club had his own christmas party.

My brother and I organized the draw, so it was our job to pack the bags of (fly)fishing tackle, that could be won by our youngsters.


On sunday morning, after we just had picked up the last goodies from a friend, we sat down in a bakery and organized the flies, leaders and fly boxes.

It was just that time of day where everyone was wearily about to drink his first coffee of the day, and then wondering what these guys were sorting out there on the table.

We got about a million questions, what kind of game we are playing or if these (flies) were earrings. To each of them we explained what they didn't expect to hear and all in all had a super funny morning.


It was really a lot of work but later that day paid totally off, as the kids were really happy.

And that's how we brought flyfishing into society, well...let's say a start :)


Tight lines,


Sorting flies in a cafe in Munich. Flyfishing Danica Dudes Angeln Fliegenfischen

Fishing - Winter madness

Winter flyfishing at the Isar river, Munich. Danica Dudes fliegenfischen, angeln
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Fishing - Small stream madness

Fishing small streams is simply an awesome experience. Usually you have to wade carefully to not spook any fish, and casting can be pretty tricky since bushes and trees usually try their best to put a branch or two into your line path.


Trick casting is essential here, and without a solid roll cast you probably won´t have a lot of fun. Although the fish do not grow as big in small water than they would in bigger rivers you still can stumble upon a nice hog here and there, but usually you are not fishing these streams because of the size of the fish but rather because of the feeling of victory when you finally fooled one of those super spooky and smart wild beautys.


Here are some pics of those pristine and wonderful waters.


Enjoy and Tight Lines,


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Fishing - Urban style

A weir in Oberföhring, Munich, Germany. Danica Dudes flyfishing and fliegenfischen, München
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