Fly Tying - New Freshwater Hooks from Ahrex

Who let the hooks out?


Ahrex freshwater series

Ahrex have manifested themselves in the saltwater and predator hook sector. 

Now, the company added a new series to their line up - the freshwater series.


Including several different models, you, the Ahrex fly tier, can now add all sorts of dry flies, nymphs and wet flies to your flybox.


Today is the launch day for the whole freshwater series! 

Every series of dry fly, nymph, emerger, or other hook is available in the common sizes, even with a mini series from #18 to #22 as well as a barbless version of it!


If you haven't tried these exceptional hooks, get them when you can! 

Nothing better on the market. 


Tight Lines and happy tying!