Video - Tapâm - A Flyfishing Journey

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Picture from Instagram @danielunderwater

Daniel Göz is a German photographer and cinematographer. He has traveled the world in search of tons of species and destinations to flyfish.

 "Tapâm - A Flyfishing Journey" displays what many of his and our trips have been about - exploring. 


Daniel Göz and Jan Bach Kristensen flyfish for Tarpon from a float tube, somewhere in Central America. A place without any electricity, but both know how to manage their situation and experience and unforgettable fly fishing experience.


"There are still places to be found" is a sentence that I will forever remember out of this video. 


His film won several awards and is still one of the most popular fly fishing videos on Vimeo.


The DVD is a must have in every fly fishing library.


Produced by Daniel Göz and Jan Bach Kristensen



Full film available on tapamthemovie.com