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The Asp (Source: http://www.ifiske.se/de/fisch-asp.htm)

Lately, I've been fishing the Wörnitz river in the city of Donauwörth, Bavaria, where  it drains into the Danube river.

I fished for pike but the water level was extremely low so that I decided to jump over to the Danube river. The place where both rivers drain together, lays very close to the city center.


Standing on a bridge, looking downstream into rushing white water , I directly thought of asp that must me swimming under me. A few seconds later, the water exploded and a big asp showed up. Wow, I thought, that's the spot.

I was fishing my Scott S4S #6 with a short belly fly line. It transfers big and heavy streamers really good and you don't need to make many casts before delivering out to where the fish is. A good time choice is the BFT from Scientific Anglers. The fast rod is great for setting the hook at a decent distance and for getting your fly out really fast. It's all about the combination of rod and line here. I really like fishing light tackle for such aggressive fish, compared to pike fishing where you usually play around with heavy rods, lines and streamers.


As a fly, I used a small popper to imitate the minnows that the asp is after.

I have to say that this is one of the most spectacular fisheries that I've ever experienced!

But is is difficult, as the asp tends to stun his prey and then simply collect the minnows. So the chance, that the asp will really take your popping popper is quite low. But that's what makes it exciting!


Try it out, August can be quite a promising month!

danica dudes fly fishing blog - fishing for asp in Bavaria, germany
My tackle for Asp: Fast action rod and short belly fly line.

Danica Dudes fly fishing blog - Asp fishing in Bavaria, Germany - fliegenfischen münchen - munich
FLY TV Squeeze - Popper Fishing for Asp (Fly Fishing)

The folks of Kanal Gratis have made a short film about fly fishing for asp, some incredible footage to see in the left hand video.


To watch the video, simply click on the picture.



Tight lines for your Asp this summer!