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Danica Dudes fly fishing blog - Low budget fishing trips
Having a car is a huge bonus in terms of flexibility and equipment capacity.

Yeeha, the exams are nearly over and we're looking forward to the next summer trips. But not only students,  nearly everybody is about to have his or her well deserved summer holiday. To quite a lot of fishermen, this equals days after days filled with the one and only: fishing.

More often than not, you do not have to spend a horrible amount of money in order to have a great fishing trip. Since we are students we're used to living the easy but cheap life, which also transfers to our fishing trips.

So here are a few things we thought might help you to keep the budget low on the next trip:

  • Get yourself a travel mate: If you're traveling together, nearly everything is cheaper - gas, food, accomodation, etc... besides, having a fishing partner with you doubles the joy over a fish and helps to overcome skunked days.
  • Go camping: Sleeping on a campsite or in the wild, bringing a tent really helps to keep the costs down and is a big part of your adventure!
  • Don´t go too far: It´s not at all necessary to travel few thousands of kilometres to experience something new. With shorter distance usually comes a shorter bill and also new places you can reach easily again ;-)
  • Go by car: If you use your own car, you're totally independent and are able to drive wherever you want to. In a group you can get the costs for the gas down to a minimum and you have way more room for luggage such as camping equipment, tackle, etc. than going by plane. And you keep your environmental foodprint down (compared to a flight). If you want to fly and then rent a car, better inform yourself about the renting costs before you are there...prime example: Norway...
  • Eat cheap food: Easy but cheap meals such as noodles with pesto, rice, potatoes and freshly caught fish are your ticket to save a lot of money, especially in countries where food is quite expensive, e.g. Norway or Iceland. Especially as a fisherman, it comes quite handy if the fishing is easy and the rules are permitting it. Cheap doesn't always mean unhealthy, but try to take what Mother Nature offers you.
  • Ask locals for help: This will definitely help you to figure few things out at your fishing spot and might save the few extra bucks for a guide... They are extremely helpful for your fly choice or fly pattern, which are sometimes their secret. Don't forget a bottle of the good stuff as a kind way to say "thank you".

To us, the destinations of choice are the countries up in the north such as Norway and Sweden, since they allow us to follow all the "rules" mentioned above and year after year we head the call of beautiful scenery, healthy rivers, great fishing and outdoor lifestyle. Although these countries are really expensive for the common traveller, we had incredibly cheap weeks far away from big cities and noisy crowds with exceptional food and fishing!

In one week, I'll be gone again, roaming the Karlskrona region in southern Sweden together with my girlfriend in order to do a little hiking, camping and of course quite some pike fishing.


The other dudes are already thinking about another trip to Norway, probably with silver chrome on their mind...


Cheers and Tight Lines

Lukas aka Church