Video - Last second fish at the Isar river!

A few weeks ago, I got a call from one of my colleagues, Thomas, telling me someone from Berlin is coming to Munich to fish the Isar river. He asked me to guide him for that day and I said yes.  

He said his name is Victor, and I instantly felt, I would know that guy. I was right, the Berlin guy and YouTube filmmaker is Victor from „Ich geh angeln“ („I go fishing“).


Victor travels around Germany and several destinations around the world and shoots Vlogs (Video-Blogs) from his trips.


The conditions, despite the weather, were not that cool. Brown water, no insects and, because of that, no rising fish. Victor had only a few hours in order to not miss his flight.


There are three main reasons for not catching fish.

1. Bad water conditions

2. A running video camera

3. Lack of time


Agreeing to each of those, I tried to stay optimistic but the first hour, no fish took any of our flies.


I finally decided we should try the all time working place under the bridge that we started to call "the cooler". Guess why...


That finally worked out and I was able to catch a trout in the very last minute before Victor had to leave to the airport.


Thanks for the video, Victor, I hope your trip was still worth it ;-)

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