Fly Tying SBS - Articulated Buford Pike Streamer

Hey ladies and gents,

this is the second baby of my attempt at getting a little bit of musky flavour into my pikeflies.

It´s a fairly easy and quick tie, so you don´t have to waist all of your freetime at the vise in order to create a handful of flies. I´d say its a variation of Brad Bohen´s Buford.

This head out of deerhair (or the shorter und thicker parts of a bucktail) provides some fantastic movement underwater and gives the fly a super long hangtime. If it´s balanced right the streamer is litterally suspended in the water column which sometimes can be the trigger for a pike (or musky) to eat the fly.

The way I tied the feathers in, facing "outside", gives some real cool kicking action to fly. I like that a lot, and the fish seem to do so, too.


Enjoy trying it out,

Tight lines!

Lukas aka Church