Fly Tying SBS - Articulated Pike Streamer

I´m getting more and more into the tying world of musky streamers lately.

I do not know why, but somehow most of the streamers used for musky differ quite a lot from those used for pike, especially in Europe.

This year I started doing some research on the different techniques and materials the good folks in the US use for their flies. In my opinion, the first real difference is that most of the musky patterns are still tied using only natural ingredients, or at least to a big part (for example Blane Chocklett´s T-Bone or Brad Bohen´s Buford). Whereas in Europe, the streamers for pike are usually at least 60% made out of synthetics. We do work with bucktail and schlappen feathers, but more to build up a base or profile of the fly which is then completed by a mix of different synthetics. 

Another reason why I think musky fly design can influence my streamers for pike in a positive way is that a lot of those flies have some really cool action because of these materials and tying techniques. The Americans usually tend to do a lot more work with articulation, be it only with several hooks or even quite a lot of shanks (think about Chocklett´s famous GameChanger). Quite a lot of thoughts went into the design of those famous musky patterns and we pike fishermen shouldn´t overlook them completely.

So I sat down at the vise and did my best to create two musky inspired flies for our local pike.

The first one is a pretty big mix of a Deciever and a T-Bone. I did use a bit of synthetic Yak Hair for a better silhouette and movement, but I´m not sure if this would have been necessary. What I didn´t use was body tubing, but that only happened because I still had to order it ;)


Hope you will enjoy trying it out,


Tight lines

Lukas alias Church