Fly Tying SBS - The iconic Woolly Bugger streamer

The ugliest flies are the ones that catch most fish.
I would't say that the Woolly or Wooly Bugger is ugly but there are prettier flies our there. This fly, nevertheless, is a must have in every anglers box.

It is simple to tie, makes a lot of action once wet and is one of the most of the most popular streamers out there. Many people therefore have this fly in mind when someone talks about streamer fishing.

Your Wolly Bugger can have any color you want, but green, brown and black are never a false decision. In this case we do not use flash, but you surely can if you want of course and it can be helpful, too!

Simply click on the pictures for a bigger view.

This was an easy start for our upcoming flytying tutorials I think, but stay up to date for more fishy flies to come.


Tight lines,