Thoughts about conservation...

pretty natural river through forest with fish and flyfishing nymph or streamer

I know it´s been a while since the last post, and I´m sorry about it.  The thing is - we are all stuck in our exams again at the moment, and therefore have hardly any freetime left for posting pictures and stuff.

 At least I think that we are probably even more sorry for this fact than you are, but that´s how life as a student can be at times...


 Of course, when sitting in the library the whole day trying to get stuff into your head that simply does not want to get into your head, it can happen that your mind decides to go onto a journey of its own and simply wanders off, off into good memories and happy moments.

As you might have already guessed, this quite often means I´m thinking about flyfishing. I am indeed very greatful to have this fantastic hobby in my life. It enables me to get my mind free from all the bullshit you´re confronted with nowadays, to meet fantastic people, to see amazing places, to understand at least some parts of the big circle of life and, the best thing of all, it is  the base of some fantastic friendships.



But I am not only thinking about the good things flyfishing can do to me, but also about what it might do for others.

I am actually pretty sure that flyfishing is ideal for teaching the importance of our ecosystems, for telling us that we have to work hard to protect the few jewels of untouched nature which are left on a somehow destroyed planet, and it tells us that it´s even possible to give something back to mother nature and even get at least some places into a better shape than they used to be...


What I´m talking about is conversation and restoration.

The restoration of aquatic ecosystems and their ecology is what I´m trying to specialize in during my studies of environmental engineering (for a bachelor degree, don´t know what the master degree will bring..).  It is good to know that there are already multiple institutions, enterprises, offices and research centers which have the well being of the environment in general but also of the aquatics as a particular part as their goal.

But this is not enough: the ideas and aims of conversation and restoration need to play a role in everyone´s life! And that´s why I think that outdoor sports such as hiking, canoeing and especially flyfishing are the perfect base for building up a growing interest in environmental problems and how to solve them.


This kind of environmental education can´t start early enough. That´s why I´m planning to get things started with the youth group of my fishing club. What I´m thinking about are presentations about the functionality of river and lake ecosystems, educational walks along the riverbanks and of course getting them interested in the art of flyfishing.


If the following generations should continue our efforts of preserving nature they need to have a better connection to it than some oldschool video games or documentaries on the TV. They need to find their way to nature again, to the beauty and variety of our planet in order to realize the importance of preventing it from total destruction.


The fishing club "Die Isarfischer" is a quite good example when it comes to good work with young fishermen and fisherwomen. If you have no clue why I´m saying this then you should check out Kris´ post about the Restoration of a small tributary of the Isar river back in May 2016. 


Conservation starts now!!!


So Tight Lines,

the end of winter is not too far away!