Fishing the Lac des Joux in search of salmon trutta lacustris

Those of you, who are fishing for the queen of fish namely the alpine lake trout, know what it takes to catch one. With the trout season closed in Bavaria, flyfishing fanatics are in search of somewhere to escape...



 Last weekend I joined my friend Matthias on a trip to the famous Lac de Joux, close to  the French border in Switzerland.

With a size of approximately 10 square kilometers it is not very large but, as I heard, one of the best lakes to hold lake trout.

 Due to its position close to the mountains, thick fog is laying over lake lake every single morning. It's a strange feeling casting into a white wall without any sight but as soon as sun comes through and eliminates the fog, one experiences the whole beauty of the lake.


Even if it's said to be one of the most productive lakes for salmo trutta lacustris, fishing does not equal catching and so days can go by without a bite.

Anyway, I've spent a wonderful day on that beautiful lake, fishing with a good friend, having a lot of fun even without a bite.

Enjoy the pictures and check out more of them on Instagram @bavarianflyfisher


Tight lines for your lake trout!