The Norway Chronicles: Chapter Three - Exploring

exploring a norway river in search of trout grayling char on flyrod flyfishing

What is the best thing about a fly fishing trip?


New rivers? New species? New countries?

Of course, all this plays an important part, but one cold night by the campfire we agreed that the best is the possibility to explore new stretches on your own. You´re camped by a totally new river, have no idea at all about what might work and what doesn´t. When you´re strolling along the banks, each new bend is rewarded with a totally new view.

You´re trying your best to figure out good fishing spots and strategies, and after a few days you´re getting the hang on it... In the fantastic Scandinavian nature you feel like Alice in Wonderland, simply stunned by its beauty and variety. We fished a river which seemed to change every hundred meters or so..from fast flowing pocketwater to slow sandy stretches and then big weedy tailwater like parts...

 Most of the time we chose our next destinations by having a look on some topographic maps or via Google Earth, but in real life everything is quite a bit different than what it looks like on a map. That´s why you can never be sure what to expect and therefore you´ll have to find it out on your own.


This is not always easy when it comes right down to catching fish - each water has its secrets and it can take quite a while to only figure few of them out. But when you finally do, it usually feels much more rewarding than at your local and well known river...


So, as TheNorthFace says, never stop exploring!