Mayfly Madness

big brown trout on mayfly imitation on flyrod while flyfishing lamson

This year, I got to fish a couple of new waters; I entered a new fishing club in order to meet new people and to get to fish some new rivers. Now I have to possibility to wet my line in two wonderful streams and several ponds and lakes (in which I am not very interested). 

The first stream is a real trout and grayling stream that also holds some nice char and requires some casting skills because its full of bushes and complex currents - creek fishing at its best. The second one also holds trout and even more grayling, but also lots of other species which are pretty interesting as well, such as pike, perch, carp and chub. The best thing of all: both waters are home to several bugs, and seeing two or even more hatches a day is rather normal than the exception...

artificial mayfly ephemera danica on tierce dry fly trout grayling


Few days ago, the first sparse hatches of the famous "Ephemera Danica" came of at the bigger stream which is called Vils. The Vils is a little warmer than its smaller tributary, the Lauterach, which the bugs seem to like. If the weather conditions are right (meaning warm temperatures with hardly any wind, preferably cloudy) you can watch a steady flow of danicas drifting down the current like small sailing boats. This gets quite a lot of fish into a feeding frenzy, and even smart big fish get tempted to leave their deep pool in favor of a nice protein snack.

Usually I walk along the banks of the river with my eyes on the water, scanning the surface for some suspicous rings. Most of the time, you also have to use your ears, since the big gulps of a mayfly eating trout, grayling or chub are also pretty audible. If I found a nice riser, I try to stay calm (which is most of the time a real hard job to do) and analyse its feeding rythm and spot a nice place to cast from.


Right now, at the start of the danica season, the cast have still to be accurate and the drift nearly perfect, otherwise you´ll most likely get a refusal rise or no reaction at all.

As time goes on and the hatches get more intense, the fish tend to loose all their natural suspicion and sometimes even fall for the ugliest presentations. It is definitely a very exciting time of the year with the possiblity to catch big smart fish on big dryflys - and if you hit it just right, you can indeed have nonstop action. Not that I always need nonstop action, but it can get quite funny...



So, please enjoy this fantastic time of the year to the fullest, and if you don´t have a stream with some danicas near you then don´t hesitate to visit one - it´s a fly fisherman´s dream!

Stay tuned, there´s more to come since hatches will get better and better :D


Cheers and Tight Lines,

Lukas K.