Video - Season Start

Finally…really! The time between January 31st and the 16th of April is always a plague.

Not that I’m not by the water casting or filming, but fishing is of course another thing and another feeling.


This year, the season started at exactly 1pm that day. 

When Lukas K. and I drove to Munich on Friday, the forecast was very bad for the two following days. Not good…

So we’re driving crazy waking up the next day and seeing the sun shining at its brightest!

AM was filled with collecting trash from the Isar river banks following the annual „Ramadama“.

There was surprisingly little to find, except some places I don’t want to mention…just awful how some people treat nature…

But hey, 1:30pm and we stood in the river Isar at one of our favorite spots, catching fish on dry flies and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

The first day of the season is always something special. I can’t describe it but there’s a lot of happiness and a feeling of relief involved.


We caught a lot of surprisingly smaller fish that day, but we’re kind of spoiled concerning fish size in our waters.

The next day, Sunday, was much worse…well, actually only the weather because we caught many bigger fish. And I don’t mean beautifully large, but just fat. They were beautiful in their own way. 

After 8 hours of fishing, our clothes were soaking wet so we hit home and prepared for an afternoon flycasting session, testing some rods and lines, which brought us out for about 2 hours again.


But hey, „There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing!“

We definitely made the best out of this weekend, all in all 18 hours on the water (including 3 hours of casting on friday) were ok to us.

It was super fun fishing with the Norway crew again, and we really can not complain, just the weather could have been a little bit more well-disposed towards us.

I wish all of you a great fishing season and look forward to meet many of you on the water soon!


Tight lines,