Appreciate the little things

White throated dipper in Isar River Munich clear water

I think there’s no flyfisher man or women in the world who walks blindly over a bridge, not observing the river that flows beneath. „Fish, fish, fish! Where are the fish?!“ is a pretty normal description of whats normally going on.


But a river doesn't only hold fish…it is a huge ecosystem for every species that needs water either to survive or to drink, well thats probably the same but I hope you get the point. Any species that somehow needs water thanks god for this river. So of course fish are just ONE of thousand animals in or around the river or lake.


Some might argue „Well, as a flyfisher man, I know insects, too!“. You’re totally right and I appreciate it, but let’s have a look out of the water.

If you found the animal in the picture you know what I mean.

The white-throated dipper for example, that the less of you know as „Cinclus Cinclus“, but just because it’s latin, is the only singing bird that can dive.


Rolf Nylinder, that you hopefully know from the Swedish „Frontside Fly“ dudes, dedicated a short film to this amazing bird, because that’s really what it is. (Link to the video)


Artistic, clever and fast are just some of the words that come to my mind right now. 

You could spend hours of watching this bird diving into the water, racing over its surface, and finally getting that huge stonefly or caddis larva, that stills his hunger.


Please do not only have a look into the water next time you be on the river, but appreciate the little things worth watching around.


Tight lines and let’s hope for more of these sunny days here in Bavaria, the season is close…