Taking Flycasting to the next level

When you are spending the weekend learning for the exams it's not unfamiliar to let the mind wander.

This simultaneously brought Lukas and me to the idea of flycasting outside.

So we grabbed the Scott Radian, that I always carry with me and some flylines, we wanted to try out. Most of them are gifts from older fishermen, and I'm always thankful for a new line I can try out. Some of them are really bad, like these never-used-25 dollar-own-brand-flylines but here and there are some that are good to cast. But in the end it's the Scientific Anglers VPT I love and cast most of the time, which I would recommend to anyone who wants the best dryfly line on the market at the moment. (this is not a paid product advertisement!)


Anyway, we went outside to the soccer field and after trying out a new line we had this stupid idea of taking flycasting to the next level, in the truest sense of the word! :-)

Well, it was actually a lot of fun, but easily could have ended badly, like breaking the rod or so... ;-)


Tight Lines,