Bringing fly fishing into society

Last weekend, the Youth-group of our fishery club had his own christmas party.

My brother and I organized the draw, so it was our job to pack the bags of (fly)fishing tackle, that could be won by our youngsters.


On sunday morning, after we just had picked up the last goodies from a friend, we sat down in a bakery and organized the flies, leaders and fly boxes.

It was just that time of day where everyone was wearily about to drink his first coffee of the day, and then wondering what these guys were sorting out there on the table.

We got about a million questions, what kind of game we are playing or if these (flies) were earrings. To each of them we explained what they didn't expect to hear and all in all had a super funny morning.


It was really a lot of work but later that day paid totally off, as the kids were really happy.

And that's how we brought flyfishing into society, well...let's say a start :)


Tight lines,


Sorting flies in a cafe in Munich. Flyfishing Danica Dudes Angeln Fliegenfischen