Fishing - Winter madness

Winter flyfishing at the Isar river, Munich. Danica Dudes fliegenfischen, angeln

Frozen guides, numb fingers and the end of the dryfly-season are the troubles winter brings to us flyfishermen.

But nevertheless, we jump in our waders and throw streamers, that are way to heavy in the deepest pools of the river. 


When the trout season comes to an end, it is the "Hucho" (or Danubian Salmon) we want to catch. And that's anything but easy, believe me...


The population of the Hucho in the Isar river is actually pretty good, that's why you see a lot of snowman standing in the river waving a stick this time of the year. But in the end, maybe two or three get caught whose size is worth mentioning.


But I think one should focus on the other side of winter fishing. 

Not only in my opinion, it's better to stand in an ice-cold river and withstand the elements than to sit on the couch, watching TV. 

I love those moments, big snowflakes softly fall down the sky and you're wading in the middle of the river in complete silence all around you, except the gentle sound of water gurgling between your legs.


Tight lines for your winter flyfishing!